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Our instructors are our industry's true champions. Their backgrounds and experiences give them each a unique outlook on how to approach problems both in and out of the towing world. They may not have all the answer, but together, they have the ability to find them.

Learn more about our instructors below and hear from them by reading or watching their insights.

Bear Godfrey


Bear Godfrey’s first experience in the towing industry started in 2004 when he began working with the owner of a towing company, assisting at accident scenes. Two years later, Bear and his father purchased the company, which he still operates today.

Prior to operating a wrecker, Bear was sent to expand his knowledge of towing and recovery at a WreckMaster course, becoming certified in 2005. Through the late 2000’s, Bear worked as a Field Instructor before becoming a Lead Instructor in 2013.

Bears believes that WreckMaster is a vehicle that is helping to change the towing and recovery industry to a culture of professionalism and developing a new generation of operators.

Brooke Mathieson


Brooke Mathieson

Bruce Campbell


Bruce Campbell began his career distributing fuel for a car dealership in 1977. He then had his first introduction to tow trucks while working at a family owned mechanic shop. Bruce purchased the company in 1988 and has been operating it ever since.

Bruce began sending members of his staff for training in 1996 after WreckMaster was recommended to him by a local towing association. He became certified himself in 2001, admitting he wasn’t sure he needed the training until he actually took the course.

Bruce believes that the methods and techniques taught by WreckMaster can help save the lives of operators and those around them. He is grateful to contribute positively to the industry and tries everyday to lead by example as both an instructor and operator.

Casey Burrows


Casey Burrows grew up in the towing industry, coming from a long line of towers that traces back to 1917. He joined the family business full time in 1997 and has spent the two-plus decades since growing his towing skills and the company’s operations.

Casey first became a WreckMaster in 2007. Over the next decade, he reached the highest level of WreckMaster certification and became a WreckMaster 8/9R. Casey became the newest WreckMaster Lead Instructor in 2019. 

Casey believes that WreckMaster sets the platinum standard for professionalism, operational discipline, and safe practices in the towing industry, creating opportunities for operators to join a community of their peers who view the Towing and Recovery Industry as a skilled trade. WreckMaster has provided Casey with knowledge to create calculated solutions, resulting in success when faced with very complicated towing and recovery challenges.

David Bouvia


David Bouvia started in the towing industry in the early 1980’s operating a light duty wrecker. He later spent time working with a major motor club and as a road service field representative and driving instructor.

While working with a motor club, David hosted a number of WreckMaster classes for operators, before taking his first course in 2001. He joined as a Lead Instructor a year later and has been teaching and working in administrative roles with WreckMaster ever since.

As an instructor, David feels he provides information that allows operators to minimize risk and maximize potential in the towing industry. To him, WreckMaster is saving lives.

Jeff Martin


Jeff Martin started in the towing and recovery industry in 1989 delivering auto parts for a towing company in Brampton, Ontario. Jeff started performing light-duty tows and recoveries and within a year transitioned into a heavy-duty wrecker. Today, Jeff splits his times as a recovery coordinator, hazmat technician and product representative and trainer for an air lift systems manufacturer.

Jeff took his first WreckMaster course in 1998, hoping the certification card would help him receive more respect in his interactions with first responders. Though he initially took the course for the card, it was the education Jeff received that had the greatest impact. He became a Field Instructor for WreckMaster in the early 2000’s before becoming a Lead Instructor a few years later.

Jeff believes that as a WreckMaster instructor, he is helping add professionalism to the way the industry operates and change the way public, first responders and even other operators look at towers.

Justin Cruse


Justin Cruse is the President of WreckMaster Inc. Justin joined the company in 1998, joining his father and uncle in the family business. He has worked in corporate and educational roles with the company ever since.

Justin took over as President of WreckMaster in 2002. Since then, the company has expanded its operations to include new hands-on training courses, online education and a training center. He has also introduced the WreckMaster Partner Program in 2018.

Justin has been a WreckMaster his entire life. He dreams about the day when Towing is a career people choose with and educational pathway like any other skilled trade. To get there, we need to make sure tow companies can offer high quality training and well compensated, safe and respected employment. Justin believes that WreckMaster is shaping the industry of tomorrow.

Michael Severson


Michael Severson began in the towing industry in 2002 after serving in the military, working as an operator and building customized wreckers. He is now the lead driver for a large towing service performing light and heavy-duty service as well as difficult terrain and under water recoveries. Michael is also a licensed pilot.

Michael was sent to his first WreckMaster training by his employer – a WreckMaster instructor – in 2002, getting his certification in 2003. He began as a Field Instructor in 2003, becoming more and more active with WreckMaster over the next few years before becoming a Lead Instructor in 2009. Michael was named a WreckMaster Top Ten in 2005 and received Donnie Cruse Memorial Award in 2007 for light-duty recovery.

As an instructor, Michael strives to teach towers in the industry to think on their feet and be safer for themselves and the general public. He believes that if even one student in his class feels safer and more efficient, he has made an impact.

Ron Pullen


Ron Pullen got his first taste of the towing industry at 13 years old, pumping gas and riding along on tow calls for his uncle’s gas station. Today he is the operations manager for a larger towing and recovery company as well as the owner of a company that sells quality towing and recovery products to the towing industry.

Ron attended his first WreckMaster course in 1997 after two employees he had sent for training recommended that he try it. He then began hosting classes at his facility. Ron joined Wreckmaster as a Field Instructor in 1998 and became a Lead Instructor in 2002.

Ron credits WreckMaster with making a more confident, efficient and respected operator. He believes that he and other instructors are helping guide operators to a safe and more effective industry.

Scott Aey


Scott Aey got his start in the towing & recovery industry at age 14, washing trucks at his family’s towing company. He began operating trucks two years later in 1984.

Scott discovered WreckMaster at a seminar at the Baltimore Tow Show and attended his first class one week later. After attending a number of classes, Scott joined WreckMaster as a Field Instructor in 2006. Two years later, he became a Lead Instructor.

Scott believes that WreckMaster is helping grow and educate a community of operators that are continually raising the bar of the towing and recovery industry.

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