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Our instructors are our industry's true champions. Their backgrounds and experiences give them each a unique outlook on how to approach problems both in and out of the towing world. They may not have all the answer, but together, they have the ability to find them.

Learn more about our instructors below and hear from them by reading or watching their insights.

Scott Aey


Scott Aey got his start in the towing & recovery industry at age 14, washing trucks at his family’s towing company. He began operating trucks two years later in 1984.

Scott discovered WreckMaster at a seminar at the Baltimore Tow Show and attended his first class one week later. After attending a number of classes, Scott joined WreckMaster as a Field Instructor in 2006. Two years later, he became a Lead Instructor.

Scott believes that WreckMaster is helping grow and educate a community of operators that are continually raising the bar of the towing and recovery industry.

Serge Landry


Serge Landry began his career as a mechanic in a garage before moving into driving a transport. In 1981, along with his father and brother, Serge purchased a towing company, which he still operates today.

In 1994, Serge attended his first WreckMaster at the recommendation of some friends in the industry, becoming certified and receiving student of the class. Serge joined WreckMaster as a Field Instructor nearly 20 years later in 2013 before becoming a Lead Instructor in 2014.

As an instructor, Serge believes he is helping impose change on the industry and the way people view towing and recovery by creating more efficient and safer operators.

Tim O'Brien


Tim O’Brien is the Operations Manager with WreckMaster Inc. He joined the company right after college in 2000. Tim found a passion for the towing and recovery industry while working under the late Donnie Cruse and has spent the last 20 years working his was up the WreckMaster corporate ladder.

Tim attended his first Level 2/3: Fundamentals course and became WreckMaster certified in September 2000, learning from Lead Instructors Terry Humelsine and Justin Cruse. After that, Tim never looked back, embracing the need for training and certification within the Towing and Recovery Industry. Over the years Tim has become an advocate for operator roadside safety and promoting WreckMaster training and all it has to offer.

In 2019, Tim became a certified Scrum Product Owner. His role is to help maintain WreckMaster as an agile company following the SCRUM framework. Tim leads the internal development team generating online training content. It is WreckMaster’s vision to offer access to Towing and Recovery training and certification to all operators with no roadblocks. Through our online training platform, that vision is becoming a reality.

Tim believes that WreckMaster is building the Tow industry of tomorrow. He believes that with hands-on and online training we can challenge, educate and inspire individuals to excel personally and professionally.

Will Cain


Will Cain grew up in the industry, spending his childhood hanging around at his neighbour’s tow shop. He officially started as a tower in 1995, when he started in a wrecker at 16 years old. Today Will operates his own towing and repair facility, running nine trucks.

In 1999, after struggling with a complicated recovery, Will discovered WreckMaster and took his first course. Over the next few years, he spent time as a Field Instructor, working with other WreckMaster teachers before becoming a Lead Instructor in 2009.

Will believes that he is a living example that WreckMaster techniques can keep you both safe and efficient not only in your career, but in everyday life.

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